About DrugBank

DrugBank is the world’s largest online database of drug and drug target information. Our mission is to structure and organize the world’s pharmaceutical knowledge to enable new drug discoveries and new kinds of medicine.

Our Story

DrugBank started in 2006 in Dr. David Wishart’s lab at the University of Alberta. DrugBank started as a project to make it easier for academic researchers to get detailed structured information about drugs. Since 2005, DrugBank has rapidly grown in scope and popularity. With a growing commercial interest, in 2015, the project was commercialized and the DrugBank IP was licensed to OMx Personal Health Analytics Inc. a company founded by Dr. David Wishart, Craig Knox and Michael Wilson.

Since 2015 DrugBank has continued to grow in popularity and OMx has developed numerous additional datasets, software tools and APIs. Supporting academic research and student education remains a core part of our mission and in addition to commercial offerings OMx will always continue to provide free non-commercial datasets to academic researchers and a free version of DrugBank accessible at DrugBank.ca.

Today DrugBank has been cited in more than 5,000 academic publications. DrugBank has enabled ground breaking research in drug discovery, machine learning, and drug-repurposing. Thousands of graduate students have used DrugBank as a core part of their research and education and DrugBank is accessed by millions of people each year from over 150 countries. DrugBank provides information to many important organizations around the world including the Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, the National Institute of Health and the World Health Organization. DrugBank is used by many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world in their drug discovery and repurposing pipelines.

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