New year, new data.

Start 2020 off right by integrating the most comprehensive drug data to your medical software. Join the free webinar to learn how DrugBank’s APIs can expand the value of your products with flexible search tools, comprehensive alerts, and automatic updates.

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Your host, Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson is the co-founder and CEO of DrugBank, the world’s largest pharmaceutical knowledge base. Mike has extensive experience in bioinformatics - a specialized field of study that focuses on software development, tools, and methods that help to analyze and understand biological data. As CEO of DrugBank, Mike has been integral in assisting companies to integrate structured databases and powerful APIs into their healthcare solutions, contributing to better outcomes for patients, and more powerful tools for healthcare providers.


What You Will Learn

How to build your medical record or precision medicine platform using DrugBank’s detailed clinical drug data.

Flexible drug searches
using DrugBank’s APIs

Learn how to integrate our flexible search APIs in your products, so your users can get the answers they need, when they need them.

Searching for
Drug-Drug Interactions

Learn how to input a list of medications and check for interactions. Our interaction checker is classified by severity, and includes management information and references to scientific literature, so you can make the best choices for your patients.

Understanding products
and product concepts

Understand our unique ‘Product Concept Search’, enabling you to customize the level of information needed for your drug product searches. Learn to easily navigate between related products, and filter by level of detail.

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