Clinical Drug Data

Build your medical record or precision medicine platform using our detailed clinical drug data.

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Search over 100,000 drugs,
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Use DrugBank’s clinical drug information as a tool for many common use cases. Enter medications accurately, search for information with multiple search tools, and check for alerts, contraindications, side effects and drug-drug interactions.

DrugBank has coverage for all FDA, EMA and Health Canada approved drugs, and is updated daily.

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For Drugs

The Clinical Data API provides multiple ways to search for drugs, so that you can provide the best method for your product.

Drug Product

Handle inventory management and medication tracking using ‘drug product code’ lookup by accessing product identifiers such as NDC, DIN, EMA, and RxNorm.

Interaction Checker

Input a list of medications to check for interactions. Each drug-drug interaction is classified by severity, and includes management information and references to scientific literature.


Each dataset includes detailed information about a drug, including the pharmacology, toxicity, and metabolism, and is updated daily.


Data downloads are available in multiple formats including JSON, XML or SQL to enable applications to work without an internet connection.


Get up and running quickly. Our detailed documentation and tutorials are made for developers.


Basic Drug List API

Stand-Alone Module

The Basic Drug List API provides a complete list of available drug products.

Several kinds of searches are available including autocomplete search for drug products, search by drug ingredient name, and a multi-step search to drill down to a specific product.

Newly Added!

We’ve added new simple and clinical descriptions to our drug data. Provide your end-users clear and concise descriptions as a part of lookups or listings of medicinal ingredients. The simple description uses non-technical language and summarizes the most common uses for the drug. The clinical description includes the key details about indications and mechanism to quickly summarize the drug for a professional user.


Complete Drug List API

Basic Module

This module provides multiple search options and access to the complete list of drug products available in a selected jurisdiction (FDA, Health Canada, or EMA). It provides detailed descriptions and information about all available drug products. You can access several add-on modules that offer more advanced functionality.

The Basic Drug List provides an autocomplete search where you can search by drug ingredient name, or drill down to specific attributes like route or dosage.
Look up information about drug ingredients. Each drug has detailed information including common synonyms, descriptions of the indication, mechanism of action, toxicity, and chemical structure. Ingredient information has been curated from multiple sources including FDA labels and greater than 24,000 references.
Access to information on all approved drugs in your selected jurisdiction (FDA, EMA, or Health Canada) approved drugs. Information includes brand name, labeller, dosage, dose form, route of administration, and marketing period. Products are linked with the drug ingredients.
The Therapeutic Categories are based on the FDA's “Established Pharmacologic Class” (EPC) which is a scientifically valid and clinically meaningful pharmacologic class associated with an approved indication of the drug ingredient.
Our pharmacology dataset includes detailed descriptions of the mechanism of action, metabolism, absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters such as half-life, clearance, and LD50.
The product concept dataset provides more than 240,000 unique identifiers that each describe a distinct set of product attributes including brand, route, ingredients and dosage. Each product concept represents a set of drug products that matches the attributes. The product concepts are organized in a hierarchical structure that enables easy navigation, and the comparison of products at different levels of similarity (even across regulatory jurisdictions). When available, product concepts are mapped to RxNorm concepts to allow for easy integration.
The pill image dataset includes over 3,500 full-colour pill images sourced from the NIH pill image dataset and linked with the drug ingredients and drug product datasets. Note: Pill images are only available for the FDA jurisdiction.

Advanced Indications & Contraindications

Add-On Module

Comprehensive list of indications and contraindications, including both approved indications and common off-label indications. Includes the type of indication or contraindication, the name of the condition associated with the indication, and associated ICD10 or MedDRA identifiers. This module also includes the ability to search by condition.


Drug-Drug Interactions & Adverse Effects

Add-On Module

Get drug-drug interactions (DDI) and adverse effects for a product or ingredient, or find drug-drug interactions with a list of medications. DDIs include severity rating and a description of the interaction, and adverse effects include associated ICD10 or MedDRA identifiers. Adverse effects include incidence rates. The adverse effects are collected from clinical trial data, drug labels and post-market reporting.


Multiple Jurisdictions

Add-On Module

The Multiple Jurisdictions module extends access beyond a single jurisdiction to all available jurisdictions, including FDA, Health Canada, and EMA.

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